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Drug Trafficking

Drug crimes in North Carolina are some of the most heavily prosecuted crimes in the state, and the penalties for drug trafficking are extremely severe. If convicted for drug trafficking, you will be looking at substantial mandatory minimums of prison time and a large number in fines. Regardless of whether you are accused of simple possession or drug trafficking, a conviction could end up costing you your future.

For this reason, the first and most important thing you should do when charged with this type of crime is to call an experienced Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer. For those who have been accused of or charged with a drug offense in North Carolina, the best direction to go from there is straight to Aden Wilkie. Contact the Wilkie Law Firm by calling us at 910-333-9626 today for a free consultation and decide if the Wilkie Law Firm is the best option for you.

North Carolina Drug Trafficking Laws

Many people assume that drug trafficking charges are reserved for members of a drug cartel or another criminal organization that essentially run a whole underground operation. This is not always the case. To receive a drug trafficking charge, a North Carolina resident must only be charged with possession of an illicit substance, but they also must be in possession of a certain amount of drugs or controlled substances. If you are found to possess an illegal substance and that substance meets a certain threshold of weight, you may be charged with the crime of drug trafficking.

What Amount of Drugs is Considered Trafficking?

Law enforcement, district attorneys, and the courts of North Carolina follow a sentencing chart to determine whether possession of an alleged substance meets drug trafficking standards, and if so, how severe the penalty is for the amount found. Below, we will provide you with the NC sentencing guidelines for drug trafficking charges.

Penalties for Drug Trafficking

Drug TypeAmountClassMandatory Minimum Sentence (in months)Mandatory Fine


> 10-49 lbsH25$5,000
50-1,999 lbsG35$25,000
2,000-9,999 lbsF70$50,000
10,000+ lbsD175$200,000



dosage units*

10,000 +D175$200,000


28-199 gramsG35$50,000
200-399 gramsF70$100,000
400+ gramsD175$250,000


28-199 gramsF70$50,000
200-399 gramsE90$100,000
400+ gramsC225$250,000


28-199 gramsH25$5,000
200-399 gramsG35$25,000
400+ gramsE90$100,000

Opium or Heroin

4-13 gramsF70$50,000
14-27 gramsE90$100,000
28+ gramsC225$500,000


100-499 unitsG35$25,000
500-999 unitsF70$50,000
1,000+ unitsD175$200,000


100-499 units / 28-199 gramsG35$25,000
500-999 units / 200-399 gramsF70$50,000

1,000 units / 

400+ grams



28-199 gramsF70$50,000
200-399 gramsE90$100,000
400+ gramsC225$250,000


28-199 gramsF70$50,000
200-399 gramsE90$100,000
400+ gramsC225$250,000

Synthetic Cannabinoids

50-249 dosage units*H25$5,000
250-1,249 unitsG35$25,000
1,250-3,749 unitsF70$50,000
3,750+ unitsD175$200,000
** Dosage Unit = 3 grams of synthetic cannabinoid or any mixture containing such substance.

How to Beat a Drug Trafficking Charge

As you can see from the sentencing chart, drug trafficking charges are quite severe in North Carolina. If you have been charged with this crime, you face a hefty prison sentence and even heftier fines. In can be difficult to beat these charges, but certainly not impossible. With the right criminal defense lawyer on your side, you stand your best chance at beating these charges. An experienced Jacksonville drug offense attorney like Aden Wilkie can inform you of your legal options, defend you during trial, and help in getting the charges reduced or even dropped. 

There are a variety of defense strategies Aden may use for your case, some of which include the following:

  • The substance was not knowingly possessed
  • The search was illegal
  • Your consent to search was under duress
  • The stop and seizure of your person or car was illegal
  • The search warrant was not applied for or obtained properly
  • The substance in question was not the substance alleged

Drug Charges in NC

At Wilkie Law Firm, we offer both civilian and military defense for those who are charged with any type of crime, including drug trafficking. A charge for drug trafficking takes meticulous skill and hard, thorough work to beat, but Aden Wilkie is no stranger to either. The Devil Dog Defender is prepared to help you fight any and all charges that have been pressed against you and work tirelessly toward a successful outcome. 

If you or a loved one has been charged with drug trafficking or any other drug-related crime, it is essential that you get the Wilkie Law Firm on your side ASAP. Remember: do not speak with ANYONE until you speak with Wilkie. Call him today at 910-333-9626 or fill out the online form via his website. He will get back to you as quickly as possible and get right to work on your case.