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If you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime, you need to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Regardless of whether you’re accused of a relatively minor offense or a serious felony, a conviction could land you in jail, cost a great deal of time and money, leave you with a permanent criminal record and ruin your reputation.

At Wilkie Law Firm, the knowledgeable Jacksonville criminal defense attorney Aden Wilkie has years of experience handling complex criminal cases. He provides a straightforward assessment and crafts a strategic approach for each client’s defense.

It is crucial for you to have an experienced attorney on your side. Call 910-333-9626 today for a free consultation and decide for yourself if the Wilkie Law Firm is the best choice for you.

Aden Wilkie Offers Aggressive Criminal Defense For a Number of Areas


North Carolina is a Zero Tolerance state and has harsh punishments for DWI convictions. 

There are several considerations that come into play once someone is convicted of a DWI. The way North Carolina’s DWI and DUI laws work, the level of penalties assessed for driving while impaired depends on the level of the offense. Whatever the level of the offense, hiring the right lawyer to defend a DWI in Jacksonville is crucial. 

One of the most important factors when choosing a DWI attorney boils down to their specific training and experience. Aden Wilkie uses his knowledge of criminal and DWI law to identify potential mistakes during the administration of the tests. He is familiar with the training standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that apply to all officers regarding Driving While Impaired (DWI) Standard Field Sobriety Testing (SFST). Furthermore, with this knowledge, Aden Wilkie can spot failures or omissions made by the administering officer, which could be the difference between a DWI conviction and a not guilty determination.

Never underestimate the power of a good Jacksonville DWI lawyer like Aden Wilkie. If you’re being charged with a DWI in North Carolina, call the Wilkie Law Firm today and let our 22 years of legal experience work for you.


If you are suspected of committing homicide or manslaughter, not only can the state penalize and pursue a criminal homicide case against you, but they could also charge you with a federal crime. If this happens to be true for your situation and you get convicted, there’s no telling how long your sentence will last and what other consequences might follow. You can expect hefty fines, a revocation of certain rights, and a lengthy, sometimes life-long prison sentence. In cases where extraordinary circumstances apply, the death penalty might even be applicable. 

Unfortunately, due to the high-profile nature and emotional circumstances surrounding homicide cases, it is not uncommon for innocent individuals to be indicted by overzealous federal prosecutors desperate for a quick solution in order to give the public peace of mind. That is why it is imperative that you hire an experienced Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer like Aden Wilkie to defend you in your case. At Wilkie Law Firm, we understand just how serious a homicide charge can be for you and the impact it can have on you and your family’s lives forever. With so much on the line, it is crucial that you have someone with the experience and skill it takes to protect your future. 

Theft Crimes

The consequences of a theft crime conviction are significant, as these accusations are prosecuted fiercely in North Carolina. Theft crimes in this state are generally classified as larceny, which means that the defendant allegedly took another’s property without permission.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the case, including the value of the stolen property, a theft or larceny offense may be considered either a felony or a misdemeanor. The value of all stolen property is calculated—whether it be one item or several—and will determine exactly what charges the defendant will be facing. 

Having either a misdemeanor or a felony larceny charge on your permanent record can inhibit your ability to obtain employment, renew a professional license, or attend school, among many other things. These charges are no joke, and they shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you or a loved one has been charged with a theft crime, it is critical that you seek the help of a seasoned criminal defense attorney such as Aden Wilkie. With him on your side, you have the best chance of reducing your charges or avoiding a conviction altogether. 

Sex Crimes

A charge for (or even accusation of) a sex crime can have serious, life-altering consequences. If you are convicted of such an offense, you may be looking at far more than a ruined reputation. In addition to prison time and fines, it is also mandatory that you publicly register as a sex offender indefinitely. This type of record and the reputation that accompanies it will stay with you long after your sentence is complete. 

If you are facing sex crime charges, the best way to protect your rights and understand the options available for defending yourself is by hiring a criminal defense lawyer who has dealt with cases of this magnitude before. Aden Wilkie is a criminal defense attorney with years of experience fighting for the rights of the wrongfully accused. With the skilled representation that Wilkie offers on your side, you significantly improve your chances in court. What happens to you from here on out depends on the decisions you make when hiring a sex crime lawyer. By choosing Wilkie, you’re choosing your future. 

Violent Crimes

A violent crime is an offense in which a victim was harmed or at least threatened with harm. Violent crimes include charges of murder, manslaughter, rape, and assault and battery. Because there is a victim involved in these crimes, they are some of the most heavily prosecuted within the United States justice system. 

Penalties associated with a violent crime conviction can be especially devastating, often resulting in a number of years in prison—potentially a life sentence—and a large amount in fines. In the most serious cases, the death penalty may also be applicable. If you have been arrested for a violent crime, you need the legal expertise of a seasoned violent crimes defense attorney like Aden Wilkie on your side.

Domestic Abuse

A domestic violence charge is a very serious offense wherever you go. These accusations carry a lot of weight and can have a huge impact on the accused. Domestic violence often occurs between spouses or partners, but can also include abuse among parents and children, grandparents and their grandchildren, and even siblings.

In addition to whatever sentence or penalties are imposed by the judge, the courts allow the alleged victim to seek a domestic violence protective order against the offender. A protective order served against you can have a devastating effect on your life and employment. You may lose everything: your home, custody over your children, or even your job! If you have been accused of domestic abuse or violence, it is important that you seek immediate representation from a skilled North Carolina defense attorney such as Aden Wilkie. 

Juvenile Offenses

There are numerous ways in which adolescents and teens may find themselves on the wrong side of the law. As such, it is completely normal for parents to want their children to learn from these mistakes and the consequences that may come along with them. Sometimes, though, the consequences are simply too dire to chalk up to a “learned lesson.” In the case that your child commits a crime that is punishable by juvenile law, it is important that you act quickly to protect their future and minimize any potential damage that may accompany a criminal charge. 

Aden Wilkie knows what it takes to achieve the best possible solution when it comes to juvenile offenses, whether that be reducing the charges or voiding them entirely. His main goal is to resolve the case quickly, efficiently, and in a way that won’t jeopardize your child’s future. 

Federal Crimes

Those who are arrested by local or state police are most often facing charges at the state level. These offenders will proceed through the criminal court process in North Carolina’s state courts. In other circumstances, a person may be charged at the federal level, meaning their crimes were in violation of federal law. These charges will be brought against you by prosecutors working directly for the federal government. As such, your case will progress through the federal court system and therefore, may result in a much harsher punishment.

Not all lawyers are qualified to practice in federal courts. Luckily, Aden Wilkie is. If you’ve been charged with a federal offense, you have no time to waste. Obtain the help of an experienced and knowledgeable North Carolina criminal defense attorney today. 

Traffic Offenses

Even the most careful and law-abiding driver risks obtaining a traffic offense every time they get behind the wheel. You never know when a forgetful mistake may cost you your driving privileges. Oftentimes, in these types of cases, the accused person may decide to just pay the fine for their citation to avoid any further legal trouble or the possibility of attending court. However, this is not always advisable. Many times, this will only lead to more fines in the future as well as higher auto insurance premiums or loss of driving privileges.

Receiving a conviction for a serious traffic offense can have a lasting impact on your life and your future. Aden Wilkie wants to ensure that a single driving error doesn’t follow you around forever. Call Wilkie Law Firm today to have an experienced traffic offense lawyer working to minimize and potentially eliminate the consequences of a traffic violation. 


Having a criminal record can affect nearly every aspect of your everyday life and will likely have a negative impact on your entire future. Matters involving employment, child custody, renting or leasing, and owning firearms can become seriously complicated. However, even if you’ve already been convicted of the crime, you don’t have to carry around this burden for the rest of your life. Expungement might be an option that is available to you.

In the world of law, expungement is the process of sealing or erasing a person’s previous criminal records. It essentially directs the court to disregard the criminal conviction completely and treat it as if it never happened. The goal is to erase it from an individual’s record and seemingly from public knowledge. 

There is plenty that must go into an expungement in North Carolina, and it is not always guaranteed that your conviction is even eligible. To see if a skilled expungement attorney can help you, contact Aden Wilkie of Wilkie Law Firm today.  

How a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

You can count on Aden Wilkie to:

  • Listen to your side and understand where you’re coming from
  • Identify strengths for your case and weaknesses for he opposition
  • Investigated whether procedural mistakes were made what could potential impact your case
  • Negotiate to have your charges reduced or dropped before trial
  • Advise you as the best way to proceed in court
  • Advocate for you before a judge or jury if going to trial is your best option
  • Use every tool available to negotiate a deal if trial isn’t in your best interest

Jacksonville Criminal Defense FAQs

You should expect to be completely informed about your criminal charge, the defense, and the different methods of resolving your case. While no attorney can give you a guarantee on how your case will conclude, at Wilkie Law Firm, we work to ensure our clients understand exactly what is happening and all of the potential ramifications of the charges.

Also, you should expect that your criminal defense attorney understands the law and nuances of individual judicial districts in which you’ve been charged. North Carolina criminal law is uniform, but every district attorney’s office will operate a little differently. Because Aden Wilkie limits his practice to specific areas, he knows those courthouses inside and out.

Of course, that is certainly your right. However, there may be other ways to resolve the case that would be much better for you, long-term. Pleading guilty to a misdemeanor in North Carolina will damage your criminal record, possibly forever. 

Remember, in North Carolina, almost every criminal conviction lasts forever. So, if you’re convicted of even a simple misdemeanor, it will stay on your record and follow you the rest of your life.

Furthermore, even misdemeanor crimes can have serious consequences. You will have to admit to being convicted of a crime moving forward, on every future job application.  If you’re convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence offense, you may not be able to legally own a gun, for any reason. A misdemeanor drug offense can prevent you from receiving federal grants for college.

The initial consultation is free and you’re under no obligation. If you have paperwork, just bring a copy of the charge and warrant and any conditions of release paperwork.

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Civilian Defense Attorney in Jacksonville

Whether you are a service member in need of a military attorney or a civilian facing criminal charges, the Devil Dog Defender will give you your best chance at protecting your future and your rights. Call Aden Wilkie today, toll-free, at 910-333-9626 or request your consultation directly via our “Contact Us” tab.